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 IDNameAmountDescriptionFunding SourceEligible ResidencyFAFSA RequiredDeadlineFavorites
Details 262 Presidential Scholarship 15,000 Out-of-state students who are in the top 1-3% of the admitted non-resident class at CU-Boulder. Institutional No 01/15/2015 [+]
Details 306 Regent Scholarship 1,000 The Regent scholarship is available to entering freshmen who graduate from Colorado high schools. One Regent scholarship is awarded each year per Colorado high school based on high academic achievement as measured by GPA, rank in class, level of course work, and test scores. Institutional CO No 01/15/2015 [+]
Details 300 Chancellor's Achievement Scholarship 6,250 Awarded to entering non-resident freshmen in the top 25% of CU-Boulder’s admitted non-resident freshman class. Scholarship awards are based on high merit demonstrated by weighted GPA and ACT or SAT test scores. Approximately 29 or higher ACT and/or 1300 or higher SAT. Institutional No 01/15/2015 [+]
Details 301 University of Colorado Boulder Esteemed Scholars Program 2,500-5,000 Awarded to a select group of Colorado resident high school seniors entering CU-Boulder as freshmen students. Scholarship awards are based on exceptional merit demonstrated by weighted GPA and ACT or SAT scores. Institutional CO No 01/15/2015 [+]
Details 321 First Nations Scholarship 10,000 Available to out-of-state, tribally-enrolled, freshmen and transfer American Indian students. The intent of this scholarship is to cultivate and sustain a thriving American Indian community at CU-Boulder. Institutional Yes 01/15/2015 [+]
Details 324 White Antelope Memorial Scholarship Program Awarded to American Indian undergraduate students to assist with completion of their baccalaureate degree. Institutional Yes 01/15/2015 [+]
Details 393 Puksta Scholars Program 4,500 Emerging CU Boulder freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, who have a demonstrated commitment to civic engagement, are encouraged to apply. One of the university’s Special Enhancement Opportunities Programs, the Puksta Scholars program provides a platform for undergraduates to serve as models of civic and social responsibility via the development of comprehensive civic engagement projects. Institutional Yes 01/31/2015 [+]
Details 104 Presidents Leadership Class (PLC) 1,000 Entering freshmen with a strong academic record, intellectual curiosity, dedication to others, leadership initiative, and commitment to community. PLC is a prestigious leadership development program for students from any college or major. PLC prepares students for the challenges of our rapidly changing world by cultivating academic discipline, critical thinking, creative problem solving, ethical reasoning, and thoughtful implementation. Institutional No 02/15/2015 [+]
Details 76 Norlin Scholars 5,000 Undergraduates who show strong academic commitment, exceptional creativity, intellectual curiosity and a desire to apply disciplinary learning toward the betterment of humanity. The scholarship is open to entering freshmen and to students who will be in their third year of college in 2014-15 (includes CU students or transfers). Institutional No 02/15/2015 [+]
Details 77 Thomas Pazik M.D. Scholarship Amount Varies Entering freshman from a city of Greeley, CO high school with a 3.70 or higher GPA. Applicant must have participated in cross country or track and field during their senior year in high school. One scholarship awarded annually. Institutional CO No 03/01/2015 [+]
Details 78 David Prescott Arts & Sciences Scholarship 2,000 Arts and Sciences undergraduates with minimum 3.5 GPA who show academic excellence, leadership within the university community, and demonstrated financial need. One or two scholarships awarded annually. Institutional Yes 03/01/2015 [+]
Details 79 Rubin Rabinovitz Arts & Sciences Scholarship 1,000 Full-time undergraduate or graduate students majoring in humanities with a minimum 3.00 cumulative GPA and demonstrated financial need. One scholarship awarded annually. Institutional Yes 03/01/2015 [+]
Details 80 Mike and Bobbi Resmo Opportunity Scholarship 5,000 Awarded on the basis of merit and financial need to an incoming freshman or continuing undergraduate student who has immigrated to the United States of America during their lifetime. One scholarship awarded annually. Institutional Yes 03/01/2015 [+]
Details 81 Marjorie Skiff Rose Scholarship 6,600 Entering freshmen who are Colorado residents, in the College of Arts & Sciences, demonstrate considerable financial need, have a strong academic record, and evidence of personal integrity and good citizenship. One to two scholarships awarded annually. Institutional CO Yes 03/01/2015 [+]
Details 82 Craig Rubinstein Memorial Scholarship 3,000 Must show unusual promise, potential and financial need. Preference to students with interests similar to Craig Rubinstein, who passed away in 1990 while a junior at CU-Boulder. Craig loved the outdoors, reading, music, and theatre, and took every opportunity to experience life to the fullest. He is remembered for his love of life, vitality, compassion, intelligence and a sense of humor. Two scholarships awarded annually. Institutional Yes 03/01/2015 [+]
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